About XAMS

XAMS (eXtended Account Management System) is a PHP-based application suite for managing electronic mail accounts on multiple domains in a virtual hosting environment. The XAMS eMail management system primarily consists of a powerful administration panel for managing users, aliases, mailbox quotas, and other mail-related functions.

See www.xams.org for information about XAMS or visit the XAMS project page on Sourceforge.

Current version: 0.2.4-1

XAMS Debian Archive

Edit Apt sources.list

Open /etc/apt/sources.list with your text editor and add this lines:

deb http://debs.xams.org/debian stable main
deb-src http://debs.xams.org/debian stable main


deb http://debs.xams.org/debian wheezy main
deb-src http://debs.xams.org/debian wheezy main

XAMS Archive Keyring

To install GnuPG archive keys for the XAMS repository.

apt-get install debian-xams-keyring